Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stu Stu Studio part 3

We have decided to go to the next level with my new Studio. We decided that I would be very unhappy in the long run having a very high pile wall to wall carpet in my studio. So....before we paint and put all the furniture in and finish we completely emptied it out and took out the carpet and purchased laminate flooring.

So guess what we'll be doing this weekend...well since I can't walk yet I won't be much help. My wonderful husband will be installing flooring in my new room. If all goes well the room will have a new floor and maybe even have the furniture put in by the end of the weekend. Then I get the fun job of moving all my stuff from old room to new room. VERY EXCITED!!

Room emptied of furniture with wall to wall carpet.

Carpet being removed!

Dogs barking at carpet being removed!

Pile of new flooring, sqeeeeeee!!!!

Here's my post for Stu Stu Studio part 2 if you'd like to take a look.



  1. Oooo... it's looking good! Just don't drop hot silver on your floor, like I did. 8-(

  2. A new studio, how awesome! I agree the laminate will be so much easier to take care.