Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Butterfly and the Hummingbird

Wish I could have gotten a picture. I spent several minutes shadowing this amazing butterfly flitting from basket to basket but never lighting long enough for me to get any pictures, well I got one that I'm quite pleased with. The Butterfly lit on my Ivy Geranium and I snapped just in the nick of time. The other photo he was flying almost out of the picture by the time the camera clicked. I must have had more than a dozen almost shots. Then as I was following him one more time I heard the zzzzzzip of a hummingbird. I FROZE! He was only a couple feet in front of me hovering taking a good look at that butterfly, making sure it wasn't another hummer he needed to chase away. I am sure if I had moved the little bit I needed to take a picture he would have been gone sooner, so no photo of the hummer!

So after all that here is my lonely but gorgeous butterfly!
I'll keep trying!


1 comment:

  1. o-o-o, not only is the butterfly pretty, but those 2 tone geraniums are gorgeous too.

    Ah, the one that got away....