Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Jewelry

My husband's son is getting married on July 16th, tomorrow is 1 week from the big day. The bride came over last night and we made handmade boxes for each pair of earrings I made for her 5 Brides Maids. She picked out colors and patterns from my many books of Designer Paper. It was lots of fun.

I've posted a couple of the earrings that I made as part of the Muffin Tin Challenge a couple of weeks ago but here are all 5 pair plus the Brides earrings.

I used Beautiful Green Blue Chalcedony Briolettes for the Brides and Aqua Terra Jasper for each of the Brides Maids. All in Sterling Silver and each one different and individual. I so hope they like them!

I'm so excited to see the wedding party wearing my jewelry, it's a first for me!

I recently brought a Step Son in to my life and now a Step Daughter In Law!! Pretty cool huh!!
I wish for them a lifetime of Happiness and Joy!



  1. how much do you love making those boxes!
    I use my sizzix machine and die cut flowers for the top and they are beautiful. I should so a post on that someday.
    Anyway I am in love with the earrings. Love your wire work.

  2. These are all gorgeous, Kristi! I'm sure each girl will love hers! :-)

  3. Hi Kristi, congrats on the wedding & the jewelry looks amazing, i wish i could have talked the wedding party i did into something different, the boxes are beautiful too!!
    take care Lana :)

  4. Hi Kristi, have you been into Michaels lately, i'm abour redi to boycott, guess what there selling now..... strands of lamp work beads $12 a strand and they sure are trying to replicate the amazing lamp work artists that work so hard to be unique, definatly not as nice,and i will always remain loyal to hand crafted. :)

  5. Each of these is absolutely beautiful.
    Truly you are so talented, and your future daughter-in-law is so lucky to have you making these for her wedding.

  6. Ohhh I Love those boxes!! And your jewellerys always so beautiful too..!

  7. WOW I would be proud to wear them too!

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