Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BTW Copper Bowl

If it's Wednesday it must be Bead Table Wednesday!!!

Not a bead by any stretch but it is what I'm working on this morning, along with some amazing special order crosses and one other pair of earring components. I was afraid to fire anything along with the bowl so I chose just a couple of very large pieces and every thing survived beautifully!

I pulled them all out of the kiln early this morning and took the torch to them.

Here is that wonderful Copper Bowl, the first one I've made.
 Taken from the new Monster Ammonite Fossil I recently received.

Below are the crosses I've had on special order for a few weeks, I wasn't able to make them the size she requested until now, you guessed it....the Monster Ammonite Fossil did the trick. These beautiful crosses are over 1.5" long, I hope she's happy with them.

Another of the larger pieces I felt safe firing with the bowl, 3 hole drops made with one of my long time favorite textures I call Aztec Sun.

 Just because I think it's so cool,
 here are more pictures of the Copper Bowl.

Take a look at what my friends have in the works on this



  1. Wow, it came out so beautifully! Congrats :D I love those Aztec sun drops too.

  2. Yay! The bowl is drop dead gorgeous.

  3. Hi Kristi, a lovely package arrived in the mail today, and they are more lovely than the pictures show, i can't wait to work them into a fabu creation, i'll be sure to share.
    Thanks again for the very promp shipping and the beautiful components
    take care ttfn oh my herb guy is away for a week i'll be sure to let u know what i learn :)

  4. That bowl is abso-freakin-lutely AMAZING!! Crosses are so lovely! And I want those 3-hole drops! You are a magical artist & I love that you share with us!! xx

  5. Yeap The bowl is super cute! The large ammomite was worth it!!

  6. That bowl is just beautiful. Perfect for putting orphan beads into.