Friday, July 1, 2011

Diggin for Gold

Well not Gold, but Copper which to me is as good as Gold!! Very large load of Copper last night, had to hold back a couple of stragglers that wouldn't fit in the container, but the important stuff got in. Turned on the kiln before going to bed last night, fished them out of charcoal this morning and in to the tumbler then dumped them all out on a towel to dig out all the treasure.

If you want to see more, I plan on doing some listing in my Etsy Shop tonight and throughout the weekend. I also post just about all my new listing on my FB Business page.

For now, I've got to dig them all out of the shot and start torching them hoping for some awesom color! Like these special order crosses, the torch rocked that bright blue one right off the bat. They are both beautiful, now the struggle is to get them to look similar enough to match and be a pair!!

Some of your favorite items to re-list, some special orders and some new, if you see anything you like let me know and I'll save them just for you!



  1. Wow, are those colours on the copper just from heating it? Amazing!

  2. Beautiful tones in your copper, just lovely

  3. Oh Yeah a treasure hunt!!! Amazing colors as always - that blue is stunning!

  4. Your textures and patinas are really unique and wonderful. I love your work. Happy to have seen your work on the earring challenge!