Monday, July 11, 2011

My Week Off

I took this week off from work in a desperate attempt to get well. I try not to talk about how I'm feeling much in this blog so it's quite strange to let it all hang out.

I've had out of control allergies and a bacterial sinus infection for so long I can hardly remember what it's like without. No allergy med seems to make much difference and no antibiotic seems to get rid of the infection for good. It always seems to come back.

So, this vacation is all for me, sleep and rest is the first item on my list. The thing I struggle with most at my full time job is staying awake and focused. It's the same when I'm doing the stuff I love and enjoy as well, my body just longs to sleep all the time. During my little vacation I'm going to sleep whenever I want, no matter what I'm doing if I feel the urge to stop and nap or just close my eyes for awhile I'm going to try to do that.

I started my first day by sleeping in late, 5:30 is very late for me. My husband's alarm goes off at 3:15 and I rarely get back to sleep after that and then it's time to get up and get ready for work before I know it. Not today!! Not this week!!

Now I've had my morning concoction of local Apple Cider Vinegar, local Honey, fresh lemon and my drink of choice these days Green Tea with Licorice, Nettle and Chamomile. I brew a big pot every morning and drink it through out the day. I've been doing this for several weeks now. Waiting for some local Bee Pollen to become available so I can throw that in the mix.

It's time to go sit on the front porch with my warm blankie and fresh brewed tea and watch the girls play in the yard until I feel like doing something else. I do have A LOT of stuff I want to accomplish this week, cleaning the studio making (and selling!) lots of jewelry and components but rest is my top priority. It's all about ME!!

If anybody has any natural remedies for what ails me I'd love to hear them, please share!


PS, I tried Gluten Free for nearly 2 months thinking for sure that had to be my problem, but it didn't make any difference.


  1. Maybe, hopefully, all you need is a good week of rest and relaxation to clear up the infection. I hope so. It's been a very bad year for allergies. Take care and glad to hear you're focusing on you and try not to let the list of things you want to get done take over. : )

  2. I had the same issue - it turned out to be multiple food allergies (along with gluten) Try a basic elimination diet. When you introduce the offender - you will know it. Mine turned out to be corn and eggs (along with the glutens - wheat, barley, rye) Beware too - corn is in almost all allergy meds. Found that out the hard way. Good Luck!

  3. i agree about multiple food allergies..which i have, big bummer..and discovered food allergies also complicates inhalant can be sensitive to anything..most often though some combination of grains,yeast, dairy and's so complicated to eliminate as those can be hidden in the strangest places..
    get tested..then you will know..

  4. You might also investigate candida infection as well

  5. Hi Kristi, :( poor baby, i can't speak for everyone but for me since i have been blogging (March)i feel a friendship with the regulars that i blog with and what do friends do, we are there for each other to share our life through our blogoshpere and wheather your show & sharing your beautiful creations or pictures and stories of families and furry friends, when your feeling up or down and out i will be there for you to share in that by commenting on your beautiful creations or congrats on a milestone or a pick me up when your down & you never know sharing your story may bring you some much needed relief. I have one jewelry supplier in Windsor and the guy that runs it is a herbalist he seem to have a cure all for everything and is very popular in our area, he has a radio show and online show i will get in touch with him tommorrow and see what he has to say and get back to you ok.
    take care and enjoy your evening ttfn lana :)

  6. When my son was little he had lots of ear infections that regular antibiotics didn't really help. After some online research, I found Colloidal Silver as a natural antibiotic...made a HUGE difference! You can find it at health food or vitamin stores. Hope you feel better!!

  7. I have no sage advice but also suffer from never sleeping enough - this alnoe is enough to make you feel really crappy and worn. I am so sorry you feel lousy and hope you get some respite this week! XO - we are going to try the local honey too - this year was horrendous!

  8. You have probably already tried this but I know that a Neti Pot has worked wonders for my husband.