Sunday, March 10, 2013

Customer Gallery

It's been awhile since I've highlighted some of the artists who use my components
so let's not waste any more time!!!!

Chrysalis Too

Catherine Waterhouse

Bantering Bird Jewelry

Linda Landig

Earthshine Beads

Sonoma Artistry


Chrysalis Too

I am so proud to see my Copper pieces in such beautiful creations,
 I appreciate these wonderful Artists more than I can say!

I do my best to include them all on my Pinterest Board as well so click
to see much more and to follow if you like!



  1. Thanks for sharing them all. I always know one of your components (or jewelry pieces) the minute I see it. Problem is when I make something with your copper, I usually want to keep it for myself!!

  2. It's amazing how incredibly versatile your components are!

  3. Thanks for including my earrings, Kristi. I love designing with your copper. So inspiring!

  4. Am addicted to your copper, Kristi! It is so much fun to use your pieces (: Wish I could buy at least 1 of each and design wth them. Many thanks for including my earrings. Wishing you a fabulous week. Peace and joy . . . Catherine

  5. Your copper is amazing! I love to use your copper components and I'm looking forward to using the polymer clay components too.

  6. Thanks for sharing my earrings Kristi, I just love your components.