Friday, March 15, 2013

Experiment in Black Results

The other day I showed you some experiments I was working on, covering Polymer Clay pieces with black letting them dry and then sanding, HERE is what they looked like before.

and here is the first pair after sanding.

Don't love them don't hate them, I actually like them better the more I play with them.
 So when I work on the others maybe I'll figure some things out along the way.
What do you think?

While I have you here I'll show you some other things I'm working on. 
These were mean to be smaller versions of the Cocoons I've been working on but as I was working on them I thought they looked like little bullets so I think that might be what they become.
Above you see them in Tribal, Snakeskin and Sea Urchin, I also have similar ones where I've done them in the headpin version.
What do you think?

I'm fairly sure I'm going to use these but I have another pair in the pipeline.



  1. So intriguing Miss Kristi! I wonder if you added the stamped texture to the polymer clay ones at the top and then painted them black that the impressions would keep the black details. How about buffing them with a little Gilder's paste for a little gilded touch? I like seeing your experiments. I am experimenting with carving my own hand drawn texture plates. Loved what I made and then promptly burned the entire batch! I am not sure what happened there since I use the same settings each time on my oven. I hope that I can make it work with another batch, but I don't want to throw out a dozen pendants so I am considering what other finishing options I have to cover up the burned yuck. Paint? Swellegant? I will have to experiment! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. The more you play, the more you will love, Kristi. There is such a huge variety of ways to tweak PC, you are never going to be bored. And if you do have something you really don't want to keep, you can cover with more clay, carve it, grate it into uncured clay as inclusions, or as Erin suggested, keep adding more surface finishes. I really love your organic little cocoons!

  3. Hi Kristi! The textures and finishes you've come up with here are very interesting and I could see this going into even thinner rolled shapes and doubling the ends back into a ring to be used as component or by itself as a bracelet.

    Have fun with it ;)

  4. I wish I had experimented with clay more. I gave up and tried wire and now I'm too hooked on wire weaving to try anything else. You just might inspire me though! Your creations are wonderful, metal and clay.

  5. Love them all but I think the sea urchin texture is the most intriging.