Friday, June 24, 2011

Did somebody say Muffin?!?!?

Well I'm gonna do it!! I'm joining the Muffin Tin Jewelry Challenge! I'm probably crazy for taking this on, but I have to finish the last couple Wedding Earrings so I thought I could include that in the muffin tin, and I've had a couple other earring designs in the back of my mind so I'm half way there already...right?

Who knew taking a photo of a muffin tin would be so tough!

bluhealer Lampwork, purple and rustic yellow Glass Beads

Polymer Beads by Pam Wynn, lampwork beads by OutWest and Ferrarioriginalbeads

Outwest lampwork discs, polymer clay rondelles and greek ceramic

Lampwork beads by SeaShoreGlass, Chalcedony briolettes and Aqua Terra Jasper

Macarroll Chocolate Crisp beads, Lampwork by Libelula and Carved Bone Beads

And so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the tins have extra bits and pieces in them so I have some choices (translation I couldn't make up my mind!).


Art Bead Scene Blog: Muffin Tin Jewelry Challenge


  1. Oh boy, I can't wait to see what you create with this cool challenge! :) Love the beady goodness you've chosen...

  2. Lawdy yes! There's definitely something about the reflection of the tin that made it so very hard to get a decent picture.
    Your tins are filled with some beautiful beads. I can't wait to see the end products.

  3. Awesome! I can't wait to sample your goodies ;-)
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. I jumped in too, but only with the caveat that I will not have all this done by Monday. I plan to just keep this up as long as there are beads to use in my studio!!!

  4. Hi Kristi, i bought my muffin yesterday with ever intension of filling it this morning after my morning hop, then Renee needed a ride to the nail salon for a 1pm appointment ah.....3:30 pm by the time they took her in, i live half hour into town so it would have been silly to go home, we were out by 5pm well then there is shopping for fruit as i am catering the midnight buffet for a wedding tom.,supper, evening hopping around the blogosphere, muffin tin empty. Do the 4 pairs of earrings,4 necklaces 4 anklets,for the bridal party and i bracelet & 2 hand stamped wine charms for the bride & groom i just finished for Thurs. count as 12!! too bad i forgot to take pictures :( i guess i better finish hopping so i can go fill that tray LOL
    take care & have a wonderful weekend Kristi
    ttfn Lana >^.^< on ya still no end in site for the mail strike :( i had to go and re-purchase all the components for the wedding jewelry from the only local supplier he charges 3x what i paid on more :( face>:)

  5. Love those muffins - esp that purple glass up top and the seashore glass - she's awesome! I've only completed my ABS necklace - good thing it's raining tomorrow! : P I may pull an all nighter and just noticed we have until midnight on the 27th! I feel like I'm in college again!