Thursday, June 16, 2011

I got my Moo on!!!

Really quick post to share a discount for Moo Cards. Sorry, not very good pictures but I have a puppy who isn't feeling well and I want to take care of her.  I think you get the picture of how wonderful these cards are. They aren't inexpensive but how does 15% off your first order sound? You can upload tons of pictures or take them from your flickr page which is what I did. I think they are so beautiful.

To get 15%off your first order
 use the code G2MSCG at check out.

Here are my new Moo cards!



  1. I LOVE my moo cards! Did you get minimoo's yet? They are so cute.

  2. They look great! Which size are they?

    I hope your fur baby is feeling better now.

  3. Thanks to all. No minimoos yet, I really like these regular sized ones so I might stick with that. They are a little over 2"x3" and I got the rounded corners this time. I used a few of the same photos as my last batch but the colors seem way better.

    Fur baby is doing much better thank you Carol!! Kristi

  4. Your photos are perfect for these!!! You must be tickled with the results!

  5. Was your fur baby having a problem? I am glad all is well now. Hugs
    I love your Moo's they are gorgeous! Now all I need is a budget that can let me get all those creations on it! LOL

  6. Cool!
    I see two of my earrings on your cards!
    Love them!