Monday, June 27, 2011

Muffin Tin Challenge Reveal

That was a fun challenge, and really put some pressure on to create some new pieces. I was able to make 10 pair and I would be very surprised if I get a chance to make amy more when I get home from work so I'm going to reveal this morning.
 I'm pretty tickled with what I ended up with.

First the last 2 pair of wedding earrings I'm making for my future step daughter in law's wedding next month. I'll reveal all 6 pair I did for the Bride and 5 Bridesmaids in another post closer to the wedding.

Sterling and Aqua Terra Jasper, I made each of the 5 pair one of a kind!

Sterling and Aqua Terra Jasper

Super cool Pam Wynn Polymer beads, sponge coral and turquoise with copper wire

Outwest discs and little polymer clay spacers with Copper Wire

Red Lampwork from SeaShoreGlass, Aqua Terra Jasper and copper.

LibelulaDesigns Lampwork, AllyBeans Stone connectors, enamel headpins made by me!

Lampwork Beads by bluhealer bronze flower charms by me!

Water Color Garden Blossom Lampwork by Ellen Dooley Brass and Glass beads and Enamel Headpin.

Bronze Sea Urchin Components (by me) Fossil Tubes Enamel Headpins

Cracked Agate and Brachiated Jasper Teardrops

CLICK HERE to see all who participated in this challenge!



  1. Great job Kristi! I don't know if I'm gouing to make it!!! : P You got some gorgeous colors going on here!

  2. Wow! Awesome pieces. The first 2 are my absolute favorites :-)

  3. They are all beautiful! I love the flat wire coils on the Aqua Terra Jasper earrings. So cool looking! ~Val

  4. Those earrings are beautiful. So colorful and so unique. Love them.

  5. Love each and every pair, Kristi! Such an eye for color and combinations! Congrats, my friend! Catherine @ShadowDogDesigns

  6. They are all Freaking Amazing!! Fantastic!!
    Great Work!

  7. Beautiful designs. Great color and style - every single pair is gorgeous!

  8. Kristi, as usual, I love the texture and feel of your work - it's so evident it's you! Wasn't this challenge fun?? And the idea of the muffin tin really worked well, I think ;)

  9. Love it! Your work has such an ancient modern feel about it. Love the color palette!
    Enjoy the day!

  10. I love the cool findings you created for the first 2 pairs. I think my favorites are the purple and ochre pair, but all of them have awesome color ways that I really respond to. Great work, Kristi!

  11. Awesome stuff! Love your style!!

  12. Beautiful work! The components you made are especially yummy.

  13. Oh wow, Kristi! I'll take every single pair... gorgeous! I love that aqua terra jasper- I'll have to find some!