Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot Air Balloon

Last night my husband was in the hot tub and I was getting ready to join him, he yells at me come here and bring your camera!!!! So I rush to get my camera not having any idea what I'm going to see and fortunately I grabbed my other lens too cause I needed it. A hot air balloon had just about come directly over our house and was now coming out from behind some trees so I grabbed a couple of shots, changed to my longer lens and got a closer shot. There is a field near by where I've seen them land before so I assume that's where it was headed. It was going very slow and descending.

Girls barking at Hot Air Baloon!!! Such good girls!!

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  1. Hi Kristi hot air ballons are so cool, but i find them scary idk if i could go up in one. OMG your little girls a so cute are they "long haired dachshund's". I love animal planet and one on my fave shows is the "dogs 101" and the "cats 101" my furry friend is a cross between a Maine Coon and a Norweigean Forest cat both very large cats.
    take care ttfn Lana:)