Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BTW...Everybody Loves Ammonite!

This is the closest I've ever come to production mode. The Ammonite texture is by far the most popular component I've made so far and although I have done some different shapes for some reason Square is the one everybody goes for. I have always loved Ammonite and I think I love these square ones as much as everybody else. I have 4 pre-orders and I'm going to fire an entire batch of just Ammonite Squares so I have enough to satisfy everybody for a little while, that's the plan anyway.

Here's what's on my Bead Table, technically not beads but they are a perfect match to so many beads!!

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  1. Blogger is stinking it up, isn't it? I've been putting photos into PhotoBucket and then pasting in the HTML -- what a pain!

  2. Kristi - Try loading the pictures in the Edit HTML portion (tab) instead of the Compose portion.

  3. Yeah Lisa, that worked, thank you!! Kristi