Friday, June 29, 2012

Big Hole Blog Hop REVEAL!!!

It's finally here, that seems like such a long wait!!
Saturday June 30th, is the official reveal date!

Check out what these 14 Artisans created with my Big Hole Copper Components.
 They each received one slightly different from everybody else and they didn't get to choose,
I sent them out at random. I didn't even know what I was sending.
Please hop around to each blog and let them know how much you love what they've created,
and we'd love it if you would share this hop with your friends.

If some of the participants don't have their reveals up quite yet,
 please check back a little later!
It will be worth it!!

The Crafthopper
Spice Box Designs
All the Pretty Things
Jean A Wells
Kristen Stevens

Thanks to all who participated and thanks to all who will hop and share the love,
we all appreciate you stopping by!


  1. Kristi- I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has created with your awesome copper. I will share your hop as well.

  2. Kristi - Thanks for letting me participate in this awesome hop. It was a lot of fun, and I love your copper focal. The hop challenged me to try new things, and I am pretty happy with the way my necklace came out.

  3. Kristi, thank you so much for sending me the focal. I really enjoyed creating with it and joining in your hop. It has been great fun all full of anticipation.

    I was not successful in getting my photo to upload in the list above, but if you will delete what I've done so far, I will try again.

    1. Thanks Kristi. I got it to work this time.

    2. Kristi,

      thanks for sharing your beautiful piece with me, I have to say it caused much angst of my own making but I got it done last nigh. I didn't like the finished piece so I'm already thinking out a re-design. But the focal piece is GREAT!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous, and very different designs. I really enjoyed hopping around to the various blogs. Thanks for hosting such a great hop!

  5. What fun this was. So many different ways to use the big hole pieces. Am inspired after looking at all the beauties.

  6. This has been an extremely fun challenge! Could have wished my piece was finished - likely should have stuck with my first idea of a choker rather than going for a capelet.

    Hope you like what I've come up with so far!

  7. Still hopping (just been to see Marla Gibson's and WOW!)but I love your work so I can imagine what I will see as I hop along - brilliance!

  8. Thanks so much Kristi for letting me join the hop at the last minute! I had such a wonderful time using your donut and creating so many components for my piece. I learned so much in the process and was so excited to push outside of my design comforts to try new things!

    xo Genea

  9. P.S. Thanks for adding me to the linky tools. I have never used it before and was hoping I wouldn't botch it! lol

  10. Their work is amazing -- They were so lucky to get your components! I hope I can play your next hop!