Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Heart Macro - flowers flowers flowers...

Amazingly gorgeous Poppy, the petals look like paper!

So many beautiful flowers in bloom even though our weather has still been a bit challenging for the most part this spring, but I can't tell you how much fun I had going out and snapping pictures today!

Another beautiful Poppy! Look at that center!

My Yellow Rose that I bought last year.
Unfortunately it has mildew pretty bad already but the flowers are amazing!



Clematis from underneath!

Golden Chain Tree

Amazing Rhody, the bush itself is less than impressive but the abundant flowers make up for it.
My husband wanted to pull it out but no way!

One of the most amazing things in the Pacific NW, the always spectacular Rhododendron,
this one really is that shade of Hot Pink!
Thank goodness I am not afraid of bees, I tried very hard to get a good shot of one but they were so fast.
They were buzzing all around me.

This one has little balls of pollen on each of it's legs/feet, so cute, wish you could see it!


studio waterstone


  1. All of your pictures are wonderful! I love the Poppy and the Clematis. So gorgeous!

  2. The flowers are gorgeous, and your shots are fantastic!

  3. I love poppies!!!! I tried to take pics of the bees in the rhodies, but I'm terrified of them buzzing all around me. I admire your bravery and you good shots!

  4. Love the ruffle on the poppy and the stamen on the lily... all so beautiful, great shots.

  5. Gorgeous flowers! I don't think I've seen a multicolor poppy before.

  6. What a great flowers ...

  7. Wow great shots Kristi I LOVE those poppies - I've seen blue ones but apparently they won't grow here they look pretty awesome! Happy Sunday! XO

  8. Oh goodness!! So MANY beautiful blooms. Spring has come and gone down here in Alabama. It's gotten to hot for most flowers so I thank you very much for sharing this spectrum of lovely petals!

  9. Gorgeous blooms, that poppy is exquisite!

  10. Wow - amazing pics! Love that poppy and clematis (doesn't even look real).

  11. Delicious flowers with beautiful colors. Excellent textures, bright pictures. Interesting proposal, I really like. Have a great weekend!

  12. Oh - what gorgeous shots you got this week!! I love them all - flowers are my favorite and especially when they're all these bright colors! These are super!

  13. These are amazing shots! Love the rhododendren!

  14. Kristi, these shots are just amazing! Love each and every one.