Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Heart Macro, more Flowers

I'm starting this post off with a poppy again this week,
the first photo is a Poppu just starting to Pop!
They are so paper-like they fascinate me!

This one I'm looking directly in to it,
 I was so excited the center turned out so nice and clear with those beautiful two tone petals surrounding it.

 Love Callalillies!

And some mushrooms growing in the lawn,
 it's been mighty wet the last few weeks,
 they are in perfect harmony with the moisture.

Now for a series of White Clematis, this bush is chock full of stunning flowers and they refused to take a bad picture. Every single photo I took was beautiful so here they ALL are, virtually no editing!

This bee was very cooperative, much more so than the ones I tried to photogragh last week.
Thanks you little bee!

I love this last one, they look like they are floating!

Lastly, a Peony bud, I think by next week that bush will be full of flowers.


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  1. You must have a stunning garden, Kristi. Love the clematis... Can't grow it where I love... Pout!! Fabulous photos.

  2. Lovely blooms! Your yard has got to be so beautiful! Love the poppy (of course!), but the little buzz bee on the clematis is so sweet!

  3. Gorgeous! Those big clematis blossoms are stunning.

  4. Love these photos of clematis!! And poppy!! Thank you :-D

  5. I'm trying to figure out where you live that you have all these flowers going at once and yet your peonies are only just about to bloom. (Our peonies gave out weeks ago.) I see something on your blog here about the Pacific Northwest, so I'm going with that guess. The point is, what a lovely array of flowers you have in bloom at one time--some so familiar to the midwest (where I live), and some fairly unusual! I've seen clematis, but not in white, and yours are so plentiful! They nearly look like poinsettia bushes! I love the closeup shots you have of them where you are right at eye level! The callalillies are just the most beautiful swirl of colors too! Mmmm... pure contentment! Beautiful flowers and photos, all the way through!

  6. Gorgeous photos Kristi! Love the center of that poppy and the clematis photos are stunning!

  7. Great pictures you show. Wishing you a good Sunday. Hanne Bente /

  8. Absolutely stunning! Would LOVE to see your garden. Poppies, clematis and peonies - three fav flowers which, unfortunately do not grow here. So I will ogle them from your photos :) Had to pin the poppy ready to pop (:

  9. What a great shots ;o)
    I like the colors from the Poppies ...

  10. Fabulous shots! Love that poppy.

  11. The house I grew up in had a big round garden full of poppies. Now I hardly ever see them, and when I do, I think they're so cool! Also those are some weird looking mushrooms!

  12. These photos are so clear and crisp, they're breathtaking. I can see and feel the papery petals in that first picture. It's quite stunning!

  13. I LOVE flowers, I mean absolutely LOVE them! What gorgeous shots you got! I just adore poppys! I saw the most beautiful ones blooming while living in Portland, OR. I also saw the biggest ones I have EVER seen in Seattle! So pretty!