Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birch Bay Wildlife and more

Last weekend we went Birch Bay, I was very excited to see a Baldy within minutes of arriving. The first thing we did was walk down the main drag to see what shops and restaurants were close by and there he was at the top of this tree. He was there for a long long time, in spite of being harassed quite strongly by a crow, I was hoping to catch him taking off but one minute he was there and the next he wasn't.

Numerous times thoughout the 3 days we were there I saw Blue Heron (I believe that's what they are, please correct me if I'm wrong) fishing in this inlet off the beach. I was lucky enough to catch one right after take off, they are amazing!

This Seagull was posing for me atop this piling at the end of an old pier so I just had to take his picture, a typical seabird shot.

We walked through a Wetland area across these paths that had been constructed, I couldn't take many pictures because I really had to pay attention to where I was walking. This quick shot is not of the branch which is what was in focus but of the pathway partially under water. We got to the point where the water was too deep coming across so we turned around. None of us were prepared to walk in deep water.

I also got some beautiful shots of Mount Baker! At one point we climbed up a big viewing tower and I got a couple pics from up there, but it was a beautiful clear day and I got just as many great pictures from the ground. I love seeing the shadow on the mountain of the big cluster of clouds passing over.


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