Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's a Long Story

Well not really, just trying to think of a clever way to use the word Long to represent these 2 new pair of earrings. At 2.5" each they are definitely long!

The first pair is just listed on Etsy. I found these great unusual Etched Glass Tubes in Friday Harbor this weekend at Vital Elements. They didn't have many and I bought 2 sets. They are so cool, rough and rustic just how I like it! I think the little sun charms look cute dangling off the bottom.


These next earrings were a special order. I made the SnakeSkin components to sell but somebody asked me to create a pair of long earrings for them. I had something in mind already and planned on making more SnakeSkin for myself so I was very happy to oblige this request. I do have an even longer pair of SnakeSkin components available on Etsy.

Here is what I created, I dangled beautiful Seafoam Recycled Glass discs off the end and wrapped lots of copper wire all the way up the SnakeSkin.

I love these and will definitely have to play with SnakeSkin again!



  1. Cool texture.
    Both look awesome!

  2. I love those beads you got in Friday Harbor, Kristi. What are they made of? Is it an etched stone?

  3. Hi Linda, they are Etched Glass, very cool huh!?!?!

    Oh good lord, I can't even leave a comment on my own blog, I have to go with anonymous!! This is Kristi, this is my blog. I hope they fix this one day!

  4. They both are fabulous <3 The etched glass tubes look so cool.