Monday, May 2, 2011

New Earrings and New Earrings Cards

Still a bit of a work in progress but I'm quite satisfied with my new earring cards. Initially I wanted to have them designed and printed and I probably will still do that but right now that seemed more trouble than it was worth so this is the result. All my business card information is on the flip side of the cards.

 I'm also showcasing 2 new pair of earrings on these new cards so take a closer look at them in my Etsy Shop if you like.

 I found a simple stamp that I liked and a Metalic Trio inkpad which I thought fit my work quite well. The cards are also hanging from my new (old) shutters, they work great!!

Above are the eye catching Bronze Ammonite and Blue Lampwork Earrings.

These are adorable little Bronze Sea Urchin Flowers dangling from Chrysophrase Slabs, very beachy!

If you've been waiting for these, I'll be listing at least one pair tonight so watch for it.


  1. Your cards look PERFECT, Kristi! Love the stamp & metallic ink you selected! Makes me want to go back to making my own jewelry cards again.

  2. The cards are beautiful! And both sets of the earrings are GORGEOUS! The shutters work great!
    Lisa L

  3. Kristi, I love the simplicity and yet elegance of your earring cards! They're such a crucial thing that sometimes gets so overlooked :) And of course, the earrings accompanying the cards are so pretty!

  4. Really really like! I love the cards - I need to make some myself! Thanks for the inspiration! Love your earrings!

  5. Do your cards fold over to hang on your shutters, or did you stick earring hangers on the back. I have shutters, too, but recently a card fell off and the ceramic hoops broke. I need a secure way of hanging them. Ideas?

    1. Yes they fold completely in half, it's a double business card side. In fact the back has all my information just like a business card. No way these puppies will accidently slide out.