Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BTW and New Earrings and Lampies

Here we are again! This morning I'm beginning a few pre-orders, certain pieces seems to be favorites out there and I understand why. The Paisley Squares are so pretty and the Victorian Inspired Drops which started in Silver look spectacular in Bronze and I look forward to trying them in Copper soon.

Not very impressive in this state but I've got lots of work to do on them and
in a couple of days they'll look spectacular!

They'll dry while I'm at work today and then it's time for sanding etc etc...they'll look like this!

Now I have to share my most recent purchase

 Spectacular Lampwork beads by Ellen Dooley, somehow I only just discovered her shop, above are the Teal Garden and they are absolutely gorgeous! 

Above are Ocean Tidepool Nuggets...oh ya!!!

Above are my freebies!!! Love those freebies, I know I will use these too!

These are my most recent creation called Brass Ring, although they are copper lol. I liked the name so I'm sticking with it! Next time I will actually use brass! Listed in my Artfire Shop.

I guess that's it for today, thanks for taking a look! And please go look at what everybody else is up to on this Bead Table Wednesday on Flickr!



  1. Ohh luscious finds, Kristi! I like the teal garden. Cool visual texture and color. And the nuggets. I like any lampwork beads that are considered nuggets for the shape/form.

    Can't wait to see the finished bronze metal clay!

  2. Wow those beads really are beautiful - and the freebies!?! - awesome! I like your earrings too.

  3. I am now an Ellen Dooley addict...and her stuff would work so perfectly with your lovely goodies! ;)

  4. All gorgeous! Love what you've done with those copper heishi on the earrings--genius! Now I MUST visit Ellen Dooley's shop. Those beads are breathtaking!

  5. They will look stunning, I love paisley designs.