Monday, October 24, 2011

Earring Palooza!!

I'm so busy creating components I don't often take enough time out to create jewelry.
 I love using other artists glass and ceramic creations combined with my own,
 I also love combing the work of other artists without including my own.
 There's so much amazing stuff out there!!

Yesterday I decided I was going to focus mainly on creating earrings,
 I had so much fun and I'm tickled with the results.
I had so much fun I might try to create a few today
 in between making another batch of components.

Copper Lace Drops and itsy bitsy Turquoise and Raku lampwork beads by Meital

Copper Flower rounds and super cool Lampwork by Lara Lutrick

Copper drops and vivid blue Lampwork Headpins by HavanaBeads

Copper Tribal Paisley Rectangles and more awesome Lara Lutrick beads
with Snakeskin Copper beadcaps and enamel headpins.

More Copper Drops, a little more slender on these, beautiful Heart Flower texture
with itsy bitsy lampwork beads in Pomegranate by Meital

Oh! Sullivan Porcelain free form beads with Raindrop Lampwork Headpins by HavanaBeads

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  1. Your designs are always so cool! I've been making earrings wires and components to the point that I think I've forgotten how to make earrings,...or any other jewelry for that matter!! LOL!!

  2. awww, nuts, Kristi, you are giving me way to many reasons to break my bead fast! LOL ;) Love what you've done...and can't wait until Wednesday! Have a sparkling day!

  3. OMG those are so beautiful all of them..and I do have a favo that is the first pair...jummm......Your components are so gorgeous wooow ......hard not to press buy now I tell ya :)

  4. Those are gorgeous! Great job! Love the bead danglies at the bottom

  5. These are really awesome, Kristi! I love your designs!

  6. Love all your earrings, especially that first pair! Thought I was already following your blog, guess not, but I am now! Love your work! Will visit again soon!

  7. They are gorgeous. Love your choice of beads to complement your components. Just lovely!

  8. All your earrings are just gorgeous! I love your components combined with the lampwork beads! You're inspired me for tomorrow, but sadly I don't have any of your components: (

  9. What great earrings. I love HavanaBeads headpins. So much lovely color. Your metalwork really compliments them.

  10. LOVE how you used my beads. They fit great with your wonderful findings.