Monday, October 3, 2011

New Shape

I had a special request to make a cross in this shape
 and I really love how it turned out.
 She wanted it in the Paisley and I should have made 2 with that texture
 because of course the one I made cracked.
 Just a small crack but it's big enough! 

I did make another in a different texture that I hope she likes.
I'll be making more of them because I really think they turned out so beautiful.
If anybody out there wants one just let me know and I'll make one just for you!!

They measure about 1.25" square.


PS, I can't seem to preview my blog posts before publishing anymore,
 anybody else have that problem?
 Know a solution?

PPS, thanks to everybody who purchased from me yesterday during the LMAJ Cyber Sale,
 I'm very happy with the results. Look forward to next time!


  1. I guess the crack isn't ideal, but oh my gosh, do I love the whole piece exactly as it is!